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I called Roadloans to setup a deferment of my June payment. I had a work related jury and could not make a payment until I had a doctors release to return to work. I never missed a payment. I was given the run around.

The attiude of their customer service is the worse I have ever heard. They are negitve and treated me if the company was doing me a favor. If it was not for me being a customer who pay my bills Roadloands wouldn't last.

I have never been late or missed a payment. This is just part of my troubles with Roanloans even after I made my July 7th payment they took two payments from my account and told me it was my problem after my bank bounded other checks and bills couldn't be paid.

I feel this is one of the worse companies I have done business with. I will never do business with Roadloans again. I suggest everone, stay away!!! Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $445.

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I was making monthly payments and then, fell into some hard times. My husband talked to the reps at Santander and they said that they could work with us.

Then, when we made a payment, on the 90th day, made an agreement to pay the past 2 month balance 5 days later, the car was repo'd on the 91st day. Even though, there was a payment made. They even closed out the online account. Santander is a scam and a joke.

If you cannot pay on time (If you have ANY type of trouble) don't bother trying to talk to them, they lie.

They took our money, our car, and now we have to figure out how we are going to get to work. F&$k Y*u Santande/Draive financial!!!!!!


HDT we will PRAY for you - you must work for Roadloans, Carmax or Santander Consumer.


I agree, the ones writing all the pissed off comments sure werent pissed when they went to buy the car. I mean really, if you paid Ford Motor Credit or whoever your first loan was with then you wouldnt be using them in the first place. I have a wife and kids and thank goodness that after my long financial battles they were there to help.


HDT, your attitude is unfounded on other people's misfortunes. Yes, granted, SOME people did this to themselves.

However there are people out here, like me, who simply lost their jobs. We don't deserve this kind of treatment.

try losing your job for 3.5 months and see how you farre unless you have a pocket full of cash in the bank you would probably be in this spot as well.

Personally, I am a bit thankful they were willing to give me another chance as I was in a car accident, lost my ujob and just got sucked for more child support by my ex wife ANd I almosts lost my home to boot. So next time you give out such a caloused remark- remember - you could be next my friend.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #42451

HDT, I replied to you in another post, but you are obviously very ignorant about these issues. There are plenty of reasons that someone would need to use second chance financing.

It's not easy to get an auto loan if your situation isn't perfect, it's not always because of bad credit. You can have NO credit (like me), you could have had "too many jobs" in a certain amount of time, your income might not be up to par (common for college students or people who don't have a lifetime career just yet), or a lot of other reasons. Everyone needs a car, but auto financing is very strict. Sometimes it's not something that we did wrong, but something that we did right, such as NOT using credit cards or taking out loans...

Therefore having NO credit, NOT "bad" credit. This is something I don't beleiev that people like myself should be punished for.


I really think it is funny that people don't understand that they have earned the treatment they recieve from a second chance bank base on how bad they screwed some other poor sole that lent them money,if they had treated their previous lenders in a better fashion they wouldn't need roadloans or triad,you made your bed now lie in it and if you do get to a point that you can use a regular bank ever again don't screw them.

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