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I have had my car loan with Triad for 4 years and always paid on time. My standing with them is excellent. However, this month I ran into some financial difficulties and asked them for a deferment on the current month due. I told them I had made several trips to see my mother who was ill in another state and I think the trips with gasoline prices, food, etc. from these trips set me back.

I received a response from them stating that they were unable to defer my payment because it was a financial decision on my part to go see her when I couldn't afford to, so they were unable to help me.

THAT IS MY MOTHER! HOW is that a financial decision on my part?

4 years of excellent payments, but apparently that was taken into consideration.

They said my "excuse" doesn't meet their "criteria".

I am MORE than pissed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadloans Loan.

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"5. Written by stuck with car on November 20, 2010 from lampasas, texas, US

I got a car with road loans and for some weird reason I should of have been done paying however i Have an additional 1 1/2 to go?!! This company is a huge ripe off and the car is valued at $2000 and still owe $5000. Now I am stuck with this car"

That has nothing to do with the finance company. The finance company does not determine the value of the car. In fact, this happens often: you probably purchased a car with high interest. As with any installment loan, your early payments go towards interest and while this is happening, the car you purchased is depreciating in value. You probably had a 60 month loan, which compounds your problems.

It's not Roadloan's fault. They offered you a crummy deal, but you accepted it.


i bought a car through triad in 1999. paid it off in 2003.

never got title.

now they say there out of business and i'm stuck. dmv dousnt care about my being stuck


I've been reading all these complaints and I have come to the conclusion that they are all very petty. This is a finance company not your parents.

Everyone will eventually come apon hard times but that's life.

Why should a company who is helping you afford a car that you can't buy straight out, also make your payments? Pay your bills and the repo people leave you alone :)


I have a decent loan from Capital One but was offered to refinance with this company. I am so glad I researched before I did anything.

I certainly feel for all the people on here but thanks for saving others from the same fall.

Seriously. Good luck out there.


And the only really commonality I see is a horrendous lack of a grasp of standard English grammar. Really people, if you expect anyone to take you seriously, proof read your weak *** complaints. This is just embarrassing.


I got a car with road loans and for some weird reason I should of have been done paying however i Have an additional 1 1/2 to go?!! This company is a huge ripe off and the car is valued at $2000 and still owe $5000. Now I am stuck with this car


If anyone has information on the law action suit please post it so we can all get on it. This company has to pay for all its illegal actions.


Traid Financial was bought out by Santander Consumer usa #888-276-****.They should have your auto information.


about 10 yrs ago me and my ex wife got a truck financed by this company, after we split she claims that the truck was stolen then why is this loan still on my credit report and why am i responsible i have a lawyer looking in to this matter and they said that this will be a very costly matter for this company and my ex


I had my car repo'd by Triad. I was staying in a domestic violence shelter.

Then they tried to get my van at home while I was at work. They parked the repo black truck in my drive (illegal) then contacted my neighbor (illegal) and pounded on the door scaring my kids threatening to call the cops (illegal). The judge ruled that my ex-spouse should pay this bill and I sent them the court papers. They were sold to Enhanced and now they are coming after the loan residue.

I tried to pay up the loan when my ex didn't make payments and they abused me on the phone. They refused $3000 and then sold my van for $5000 and want $15,000 for an 04! Ridiculous. I called the attorney general and they already knew all about Triad / Road Loans tactics.

This company needs to be reprimanded big time for how they do business! I contacted a consumer law firm and we will see what happens next as the court already ruled I am not responsible for my ex-spouses actions plus they harassed me during collections with illegal procedures.


I havent been successful as of yet to have an attorney take the time to sue this company but hopefully if you keep your information coming with the deceitful practices of this company that keeps changing names and hiding behind there 4 billion dollar worth just maybe we will find that attorney to do something about this company.

I will update to let you know if I find that attorney and will give you a site to sign up Hang in there I know its tough but as they say what goes around comes around and some day it will come back to them.


Its not the car loan its the way we were ripped off by the dealer and Roadloans and Trial Financial

You will end up paying 50% interest on whatever loan with them.

They charge daily interest on the balance!

GET an AMoritization from Santander now!

See how much they charged you.

compared to an online amortization calculator.......

you'll see there were months they were charging you

50-80% interest with your payments! Especially, if you made a payment of more than the amt due!

I am going through my Atty General office issuing a complaint.....there are people who are doing Class Actions Suits so if you know who it is post it so we can get in on it.


I have had my vehicle now for 5 yrs. The first 2 years I was always ontime with my payments.

The last three years I ran almost a month behind in my payments. I was thinking that I would try to refinance the loan to make the payments smaller so that I could recover from 3 bad years and make my payments on time. I started checking into the loan which I assumed was a regular vehicle loan. To my surprise after 5 years my principle balance, payoff balance is at almost $16,000 when the original loan was for $18,000.

This seemed really strange so I assumed that was not the real payoff amount. After many many phone calls to them and speaking with different employees, finally one partially explained what was happening to my loan. I am pretty sure he was not suppose to tell me. Here it goes, if you are late on your payment, Roadloans, Triad charges you $7.00 as a late payment.

Well that is not that bad right? Well it is $7.00 per day times how ever many payments behind. That is $210.00 a month per payment behind. I just recently moved with my family due to work so honestly I am 2 payments behind.

That means $420.oo a month I am paying in late fees. My payment is less than that so they tack it onto the principle and never tell you anything about it. Now let me ask the question, all companies give you the late fees on your statement and give you the opportunity to pay them at that time but they go to the side and never put it on the principle. Why do they?

My guess is that it is not even legal for them to do that. I was shocked to find out but who better to pray on but the people that are just happy to get a vehicle. What a shame. If you are thinking of getting a loan with this company, don't.

It is a very bad decision.

My loan was for 5 years and now I still owe them $16,000 for a vehicle that maybe worth $5,0000. Anyway I was already tricked so I wanted to help whoever is listening.




It would seem we all have the same experience with RoadLoans. My husband had to have openheart surgery and due to him being off work, I got behind on my payment.

I was able to have 1 months payment deferred, but not another for the loan on the vehicle. I guess you can only have one bad thing happen. Since that time, I have been behind and the day after the payment was due, they are calling.

They hav even called me at work. If I'm fired because they are calling, how do they think they will get paid?


I receieved a loan from Road Loans as well and made payments for a year. Now, some other financial obligations have taken place and we asked for an extension.

We were told we could have a 3 month extension. However, they kept calling only to be told that they now could not do the extension unless we made a payment. Ok, we had just told them we didn not have the money. They have been going back and forth with us for 3 months now.

I have told them repeatedly to come and get the car but to no avail. I be the minute I make the payment the repo man shows up on my door step.


I have been with Roadloans for over 2 yrs and have lost my job due to illiness. I pay my payment every month but late.

Roadloans are phone stalkers! They call as least 10 times a day!

It doenst do any good to tell them when you will make the payment they will still call you everyday 10 times a day! If you have a choice in loan companies do not pick roadloans!!!!!!


I am in the same situation. I have paid on time most of the time.

If I was late I set up a payment with them. However my husband lost his job and I have doing what I can to make sure everything is paid and I am not even a month late with them and they threatened to take my car if I wouldn't make arrangements to take it out of my account. I mean on the 3rd day I was late and they have called me every day since.

They have wasted more money calling me every day when I have stated that I would pay it on the 19th. I have been with them for 2 years.


Sorry.....I need to clarify .....

4 years of excellent payments, but apparently that WAS NOT taken into consideration....

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